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We currently have vacancies for two 3.5 year PhD studentships to start in October 2024:


  1. Artificial Intelligence for Early Detection of Cancers from Spectroscopic Liquid Biopsies

  2. Computational Design of Small Molecules to Prevent the Early Formation of Multispecies Biofilms


The Palmer research group carry out inter-disciplinary research in biochemistry and chemical physics.  If you are interested in working in the group at the University of Strathclyde,  please contact Dr Palmer directly.

Vacancies will be advertised here as they arise.   If no vacancies are currently available, then it might be possible to apply for funding to join the group from one or more of the schemes listed below.   Please contact Dr Palmer if you are considering making an application.


Possible sources of postdoctoral funding include:


Possible sources of postgraduate funding include:


The University of Strathclyde maintains a useful list of funding opportunities here.

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