David Palmer

Senior Lecturer and Group Leader

(University Staff Page)


James Carter


"Accelerating Drug Discovery using AI"

Benjamin Smith

PhD student

(co-supervised with Dr Matt Baker)

"Understanding spectral signatures associated with cancerous disease states"

Nathan Gittens

GSK/Strathclyde PhD student

(co-supervised with

Dr Chun-wa Chung)

"Probing protein structure, dynamics and interactions using biophysical, structural and computational approaches."

Daniel Fowles

Strathclyde/GSK PhD student

"First-Principles Methods for PhysChem Property Prediction"

Jonathan Conn

PhD student

"Augmenting Molecular Property Prediction with Machine Learning and Chemical Calculation"

Rose McHardy

PhD student

"Artificial Intelligence in Computational Drug Discovery"

Abdullah Ahmad

PhD student

"Multiscale Methods for Modelling Molecular Solvation"

Hayley Russell

PhD student

(co-supervised with Dr David Nelson and Dr Marc Reid)

"Machine Learning for Directed Screening"

Loren Christie

PhD student

(working at ClinSpec Dx)

"Cancer Diagnostics using FTIR and AI"

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