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David Palmer

Senior Lecturer and Group Leader

(University Staff Page)


Justin Conn


(funded by Endofotonics Ltd)

"Algorithms to Identify Pre-Cancerous Tissue using Raman Surgical Probes"

Vigneshwari Subramanian


(based in AstraZeneca, Mölndal, Sweden)

"Accurate Permeability Prediction"

Benjamin Smith

PhD student

(co-supervised with Dr Matt Baker)

"Understanding spectral signatures associated with cancerous disease states"

Lucia Fusani

GSK/Strathclyde PhD student

(co-supervised with Dr Ian Wall)

"Molecular Simulation Methods for Structure-Based Drug Discovery"

Nathan Gittens

GSK/Strathclyde PhD student

(co-supervised with

Dr Chun-wa Chung)

"Probing protein structure, dynamics and interactions using biophysical, structural and computational approaches."

Daniel Fowles

Strathclyde/GSK PhD student

"First-Principles Methods for PhysChem Property Prediction"

Jonathan Conn

PhD student

"Understanding enzymatic catalysis in mammalian aspartic proteases used in the food industry"

Samiul Ansari

PhD student


Thesis: "Computational Modelling of Mammalian Aspartic Proteases used in the Food Industry"